Bridging the Gap, Transcending Neurotypical Communication

How a diagnosis and deeper understanding of ADHD, Autism and AuDHD became the key to unlocking and improving Communication & Connection in a neurodivergent relationship. I was 43 when I met my now wife, Lauren. Lauren was 35. As we got to know each other and our relationship progressed, I soon noticed that my communication […]

Treating Problematic Porn Use with Empathy versus Shame

Image of two speech bubbles indicating a conversation. One has a clear circle, the other a scribbled circle, depicting the article Treating Problematic Porn Use with Empathy versus Shame.

The arrival of the internet and our subsequent immersion into a digital world meant easy access and increased availability to sexually explicit content. Folks were no longer using their worn magazines or stash of VHS XXX videos. There was ubiquitous (and mostly free) access to a much more colourful, and noisy sexual content at the […]

Separate Beds doesn’t have to mean Separation.

Photo of two people on a bed with three cocker spaniels snuggling.

Like many people I grew up believing that only “old” people slept apart and that sleeping in separate rooms meant the death of a relationship or sexual intimacy. Some 31 years ago I brought a newborn baby home and I quickly learned that if my daughters father slept anywhere near us there would be no […]

What is vaginismus?

Abstract Image of papercraft cut out in beige, orange, olive cream - all different shapes.

The Invisible Sexual Pain Unfortunately there is still so much taboo when it comes to discussing any issues related to our sexual health, particularly anything regarding our genitals. This continuing silence further perpetuates the shame and stigma many people feel, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. One topic that is not regularly spoken about, but one […]

How to have awesome sex, without your penis

Image of cardboard cut out bananas on pink background.

You are probably thinking what the hell is she talking about, sex without my penis? Really? Yeah right. Sex is all about the penis. I love my penis. I can’t have sex without my penis. My lover loves my penis.  I really love my penis. Penis Penis Penis. STOP, ok, that is your first misconception. […]

How do you define sexuality?

Image of four teenagers leaning against a wall laughing. The teenagers are of diverse cultures and genders.

As 2019 came to an end, many of us were wondering, a little excited even, about what this new century had in store for us. 2020 would be the year of new possibilities. Little did we know it would bring us all to a sudden, grinding halt. March was mad and April seemed to last […]

Why visit a Sexologist?

Cropped image of two people holding hands, they are wearing blue denim jeans with converse sneakers. .

Sex therapists and clinical sexologists do way more than just make people giggle and squirm when it’s their turn at a dinner party to tell the guests what they do for a job. “Wait, you do what?” “Did you have to do pass a practical exam?” The revelation is usually followed by a barrage of […]

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