What is a Sexologist?

As a sexologist I’m here to support people to work through any sexual health and relationship concerns they may be experiencing.

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Sexologists are required to complete university level studies in the field of human sexuality and sexual behaviour. Sexologists usually work in at least one, if not all of the following areas: sexual education, sexual research and sexual therapy.

Due to my many years of study and experience in this field, I hold specialist skills and knowledge that can assist and support my clients to better understand their own sexuality, improve their sexual experiences and relationship with themselves and/or with others.

Why would you visit a Sexologist?

There are many reasons one might make an appointment to see a sexologist, this list highlights just some of them.

  • You and/or your partners/s are experiencing sexual concerns

  • You and your partner/s are experiencing differing levels of desire (mismatched libido/desire discrepancy or no libido)

  • You are in a relationship/s where neurodivergence (e.g ADHD/Autism/AuDHD) is present or suspected and want to explore the impacts on sexuality, relationship/s, communication, intimacy and sexual functioning

  • Impacts of ADHD, Autism or AuDHD on sexuality, relationship/s, communication, intimacy and sexual functioning

  • Wanting to improve your sexual relationship/s

  • Working through a break up or wanting support to make that decision

  • Compulsive or problematic masturbation

  • Porn use that is becoming problematic

  • Erectile concerns (e.g. rapid ejaculation or inability to attain or maintain an erection)

  • Inability to orgasm (anorgasmia)

  • Painful sex (dyspareunia, vaginismus or vulvodynia)

  • Looking to explore your sexuality and sexual attraction

  • Wanting to unpack and explore the unrealistic societal expectations of gender, sexuality and relationships

  • Looking to explore your feelings about your gender and affirming gender identity


Welcome, and good on you for taking this first big step, looking up a sexologist can feel quite a daunting task. Many of you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It can feel awkward contacting a complete stranger to discuss what is often deemed a “private” or “taboo” topic. Please know that I have also experienced counselling and therapy before so I really worked to make this website as informative and also welcoming as possible. I aim to to do my very best to help you feel comfortable and safe in our sessions.

I look forward to working with you.

Session Fee Change

Great news! Naomi is continuing her commitment to social justice and equity by again reducing her fees during these tough times for the community. Prices were reduced during the global pandemic and she is doing it again during this current financial crisis. You’ll be happy to hear that her reduced fees will be staying in place until further notice.

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